Pure Team

Diogo Bellacosa

I grew up in Brazil in a family of surfers. My father and my uncle started surfing in the early 70’s with thick, mono fin boards. I have been surfing since 1988 and each time I paddled out there I got more excited about this exceptional lifestyle.

For years I traveled around the world to many different countries searching for an understanding of my role in life. Every time I moved to a different place I would do a research about the area; one of my priorities was the surfing conditions. I had realized back than that I could not live without surfing anymore.

In 2008, I finally had my first experience with yoga. It was unforgettable; the scenery with a beautiful waterfall nearby creating a river passing next to us, the green grass and the smell of the mountains marked the time of a new change in my lifestyle. From that point on wards yoga joined surfing to be part of my life for good.

When I first started surfing my father thought me that it was very important to stretch the body parts before paddling out as any incident such as muscles crumbs gain a greater risk while in deep water. That made my initiation and improvement in yoga a bit easier.

In 2010 and 2011 I went to Rishikesh – India where I met the great Master from Patanjali International Yoga Foundation*, Dr. Jitendra Das. I attended his 200 hours YTTC (Yoga Teachers Training Course) recognized by YA (Yoga Allience – USA) for two years in a row and got my certifications for instructing. *http://patanjaliyogafoundation.com/

In 2012, I attended the Surf Instructors Course internationally recognized by ISA (International Surfing Association) along with the NBLQ (National Beach Lifeguard Qualification) recognized by the RLSS (Royal Life Saving Society) in Newquay, England.

By the end of 2012, Pure Surf Yoga was born to start spreading the seeds for those around the world  willing to spend quality time surfing and practicing yoga.

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