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We would like to present our core concept and the reason why we look forward to sharing it with you.


For a better understanding about the Surf Yoga concept is necessary to know the Love and devotion surfers and yoga practitioners have for their Sport/Practice/Lifestyle.

The combination of surfing and yoga is already a reality in the world. The surfer searches for a better performance and connection with the ocean in every session. Years go by and surfers give up the waves because of contusions and lack of fitness. The idea of surfing until the last day of life is constant for a surfer and this goal will only be achieved through a healthy body and mind. Yoga will make this dream possible.

Besides the physical benefits, yoga also brings the concept of union with all the surronding elements. For a soul surfer, the ocean is a temple, a place of connection with millenary marine life, other humans, to meditate and reflect while waiting for the next set of waves.

Yoga and surfing are ways of life. Yoga is more than an exercise and surfing more than a sport. They can both lead to inner and outer connections with oneself, other people and the Universe.

Pure Surf Yoga aims to offer the tools on how to bring more energy, consciousness and determination to our lives through the practices of Surfing and Yoga.


Surfing and Yoga Program

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